Origin | French

1. a woman's close-fitting bell-shaped hat

2. a bell or dome-shaped cover used to display or protect ornamental objects

Cloche is a collection of luxury accessories, carefully designed and hand-made by Australian designers. Cloche was born out of Lorna Murray's love for luxury accessories that compliment her ever evolving collection of hats and other travel accessories. Lorna’s inspiration for Cloche emerged from the bell shaped hat-style popular during the 1920s. Inspired by global cultures, Cloche grew out of a love for displaying and protecting ornamental objects.

For the modern traveller, Lorna imagines sun-soaked adventures through winding back streets and laneways collecting treasured items along the way. These are the pieces, we have fallen in love with this summer. Explore Lorna Murray’s curated selection of treasures.

Each season you can discover new and emerging designers under the cloche. This season, we feature under the glass, three Australian designers; Angie Xylas, Karis Zanetta and Sarah Zel Chescoe



Angie Xylas

Karis Zanetta

Sarah Zel Chescoe