Karis Zanetta

Karis Zanetta the Label is an emerging Australian fashion label created and designed by Karis Zanetta Cheng. Inspired by a youthful spirit and the wandering traveller, Karis takes inspiration from her rich cultural heritage that spans across the Asia-Pacific region. She navigates life, creativity and fashion with a sense of spontaneity and fun, collecting ideas, textures and patterns that she subconsciously and intuitively mixes together in unexpected ways. This is translated in expressive ways as Karis mixes together vibrant colour and print. 

Featured on Cloche are a range of Karis Zanetta the Label hair accessories that compliment her SS21 Collection, Where Are You From? 

Inspired by the beautifully created natural world, Karis Zanetta explores shape, volume and colour in a bold and vibrant way. 

Each scrunchie is carefully handcrafted and made to order locally within Karis Zanetta’s Sydney-based studio. 

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