Sarah Zel Chescoe

Sarah Zel Chescoe’s self-labelled collection of exclusive Symbolic Sterling Silver Jewellery takes inspiration from her vast travels, ancient cultures and her fascination with sacred symbols and objects, artefacts and textiles. 

Signature markings, symbols and textures carry across the entire range so that you can wear your jewellery individually, as a set or curate your own collection.

Each piece is designed to wear with intention as each design tells a story and carries symbolic meaning. These individually handcrafted wearable artworks resonate with the wearer and make beautiful mementos for Oneself and meaningful keepsakes for loved ones.

With an affinity for working with a diverse range of materials, Sarah’s sense of discernment and attention to detail is evident in all of her exclusive products.  

Each unique piece of Jewellery is made sustainably and ethically using the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver and is hallmarked for authentication.

Australian Creative Sarah Zel Chescoe is a passionate Designer, Artist, Visual Arts Educator, Foodie, Cook, Photographer & Traveller. She has an extensive background in Art and Design, with a Bachelor Degree of Visual Arts (Art) with Honours.

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