Our Team

Lorna Murray

Founder & Designer

Founder and designer, Lorna is the brains and heart behind the brand. She has an experienced background as a textile artist, fashion designer and university lecturer. She is very involved in all areas of the business. She works closely with her studio in Indonesia, developing new designs and collections and overseeing production and manufacturing. To learn more about Lorna's experience and background, click here.

She has a vivid imagination and bowerbird instincts, forever conceiving new ideas. Her favourite hat is Coconut Grove Vienna.

Karis Zanetta Cheng

Design Assistant

Karis is our wholesale coordinator, organising and fostering relationships with our worldwide stockists. With an uncanny memory for all hat names, she oversees most areas of the business, alongside Lorna, including operations and organisational strategies. As our E-commerce and website expert, Karis creates and curates visual and graphic imagery for our website. Her favourite hat is Malolo Mayfair

Karis has graduated with a dual-degree of a Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (Hons) from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). She is currently studying Honours in Fashion & Textiles Design at UTS. 

Hannah Riley

Design Assistant

Hannah is our resident writer, administration and production expert. She works closely with Lorna to develop new styles and designs and loves imagining new hat names and colourways. She is also our client-liaison and Sydney-based brand agent, passionate about sharing the Lorna Murray Apparel brand with the world. Her favourite hat is Picnic Bay Capri.

Hannah has graduated with a degree of a Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). She is currently studying Honours in Fashion & Textiles Design at UTS. 

Angie Xylas

Design Assistant

Angie is our E-commerce coordinator and  social media expert. She looks after the day-to-day operations and logistics in our studio, keeping an eye out on incoming and outgoing deliveries and working on new projects for the label. Angie engages daily with our Lorna Murray Apparel customers, caring and assisting with all customer enquiries. Her favourite hat is Melbourne Capri.

Angie has graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). She is currently working on her namesake label when she isn’t at the studio with the team. 

Amy Riley

Design Assistant

Amy is our inventory and stock coordinator, working within our online dispatch department. She has a meticulous eye and excellent organisational skills. She scrupulously ensures all orders are correct and cares for each and every Lorna Murray Apparel product and customer. Her favourite hat is Flores Bungalow Capri.

Amy is currently studying a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, majoring in Criminology and Spanish.  

Dana Lambert

Design Assistant

Dana works with our wholesale clients and is our in-house quality-control expert. She also carries out administration and organisational duties. Dana’s cares for all of our wholesale client relationships and her keen eye ensures all of Lorna Murray Apparel’s products are of exceptional quality. Her favourite hat is the Kamari Capri.

Dana is a highly-experienced creative who has worked in a multitude of creative industries. With a university degree in Graphic Design, Dana has worked in multi-media companies and as an accounts manager. She went on to work in the Film and Television Industry as a props designer and maker, working for some of the best productions including the theatre production of The Lion King. Additionally, she is an experienced hair and makeup artist, running her own business since 2013. Dana joins the Lorna Murray Apparel team with her artistic flair and business expertise.  

Internship Program

Lorna Murray Apparel offers numerous flexible internship opportunities throughout the year.

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