About Resort

The Resort hat is our larger brim version of our original Capri design, for added sun protection and flare.

Our Resort Hat is specifically designed for a relaxed lifestyle. Due to the longer brim length, this hat is not suitable for strenuous activities and may flip upwards in strong winds or dramatic movement. Instead, this hat provides ultimate sun protection and a luxuriously bold statement to an outfit of casual or elegant occasion.

The Resort hat is specifically designed to collapse and fold up like origami, due to the sunray pleats, for ease of travel. Optional ties are provided at the base of each hat to be used for anchoring during breezes.

The Resort hat is the perfect essential hat for those wanting an everyday sun-safe yet stylish addition to their attire, as a luxe fashion statement.

Due to the nature of this handmade piece the sizing is approximate and may vary between our different colour ways, so we recommend using the size guide for the best fit.