Our Ethos

Caring for People and the Planet

Ethics and sustainability are at the core of Lorna Murray. Caring for people and the planet is of paramount importance to us and it is this ethos that permeates our brand.

Lorna Murray was founded on the basis of celebrating craft-based traditions in fashion and empowering and supporting the artisans who make our products without compromising the natural environment.

We believe that we have an ethical, moral and social responsibility to take care of those who make our accessories and garments, those who wear our pieces and the world we live in. We consider ethics and sustainability in every aspect of the design process through to our customers.

We understand the impact our brand can have on people and planet and consequently, we constantly, pause, rethink and readjust our mission when necessary.  This sentiment has come naturally to our brand since its inception and is second nature to how we work and operate.

Moreover, we know there is always more to be done. We are committed to continually reevaluating and improving our practices to minimise our footprint on the environment.

Our People

The Hand Made

Our Director & Founder, Lorna Murray, brings with her a lifetime of knowledge, skills and life experiences that have built the brand to what it is today. Broadened further by hands-on experiences through travel and immersion in culturally rich communities, it is this knowledge that is then passed on by educating our Sydney team and collaborating artisans.

We are proud that we can carry out the brand vision and values while encouraging our Sydney team and collaborating artisans to expand their skills and offering opportunities for all to flourish.

We enjoy collaborating with an approved team of artisans in Indonesia who are an essential part of the making process, bringing their expertise in weaving, sewing, embroidery, beading and patternmaking.  

We are consistently evaluating our practices ensuring our fair working conditions are met which is of most importance to Lorna and her team. 

Our Planet

Making an Impact

Our grass fibre hats and accessories are made of 100% natural materials, grown organically without the use of pesticides. Each piece is lovingly made using low-impact production weaving techniques using dyed and undyed fibres. We use natural dyes as well as industry standard textile dyes.  

Our collection also comprises a range of handcrafted pieces made from pure Australian wool,  linen, leather and cotton which are breathable, making them comfortable to wear. 

All elements of our product packaging are 100% recyclable including our swing tags, boxes and tissue paper.

Our Process

Slow Fashion

Lorna Murray engages in slow textiles production - we do not mass-produce products with factories and we follow a zero-waste design process, as closely as possible.

Most of our hats and accessories are carefully hand-woven and/or handmade by an approved team of collaborating artisans in Indonesia. We also work with internationally certified production houses and craftspeople in China, India and Ecuador to create our luxuriously soft and cosy knitted winter range as well as our genuine, carefully hand-woven Panama hats. In turn, we never over-produce quantities and create only what we need, reducing waste and the potential for unwanted items. 

Handcrafting our hats and apparel inhouse gives us complete control over the process, ensuring it aligns to our brand values and code of ethics in all facets of the business.  

Our Vision

As supporters of the Fashion Revolution movement, we are proud to say that we do know exactly #whomademyclothes.

Lorna Murray aims for transparency and thus accountability, which ultimately leads to safe and more positive practices within the fashion industry.

We are continually working towards a more sustainable and slow future in the fashion and textiles industry. 

We aim to continuously provide our artisans with ongoing and secure economic opportunities and support through healthcare and welfare.

We are deeply invested in this and we approach sustainability as a journey, rather than a destination as we know the future is ever-changing and new developments will lead our design direction and processes collection by collection, piece by piece.  

Our Ethical Code of Conduct

Lorna Murray is committed to conducting business legally and ethically:

We will always operate within the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in.

We strongly value Intellectual Property and always recognise other creative parties involved in collaborations or projects.

We care deeply about our team and collaborating artisans and pay them above the living wage.

We are aware of our entire supply chain to ensure that safe and ethical policies and procedures are in place.

We provide a safe & healthy work environment above the minimum requirements of local, regional and national laws.

We continue to ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment and the impact our products have and will leave on the planet.

We will never be complicit in human rights abuses in our supply chain including but not limited to the areas of modern slavery, child labour, harassment, discrimination, regular employment, wages, working hours and freedom of association. 

We expect all our suppliers to ensure all sub-contractors and third-party suppliers, of which there are few, to follow the expectations outlined in our code of conduct. We also expect all wholesalers and retailers to follow the expectations outlined in our code of conduct and align with our company ethos, vision and values.