Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Cappuccina Manhattan Hat
Lorna Murray

Cappuccina Manhattan Hat

通常価格 $175.00
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Cappuccina features Chantilly lace white thread woven through natural grass fibres. The lace-like weave and mocha cotton fabric trim is the perfect combination of classic chic and pure gorgeousness.

Lorna Murray has collaborated with accomplished and influential American actress, Kelly Rutherford, to create our bespoke colourways where classic chic meets luxury glamour.

Well-known for her role as iconic Gossip Girl character Lily van der Woodsen, Kelly’s sense of timeless elegance and love of slow-fashion and artisanal creations has allowed us to come together in this wonderful collaboration.

Enjoy wearing Cappuccina to elevate your style throughout the seasons, from beach to bar – ethical, sustainable, timeless luxury.

Lorna Murray sun hats combine style and sun-safety. Our grass fibre woven material is certified UPF 50+, protecting your precious skin from the elements.

Intentionally created for the modern lifestyle, our sun hats can be easily folded, making them compact for travel, perfect for wherever life takes you.


The manhattan has a unique mid length brim, with a feminine petal design. It is carefully handcrafted from 100% Natural Organic Grass Fibres.

The manhattan is specifically designed to collapse and fold up like origami, for ease of travel. Optional ties are provided at the base of each hat to be used for anchoring during breezes.

The Manhattan is the perfect essential hat for those wanting an everyday sun-safe yet stylish addition to their attire, as a luxe fashion statement.

Brim Length: 9cm

織り: 100% 天然草繊維から手作り。

トリム: 綿混紡。



  • Lorna Murray 製品は常に注意して取り扱ってください。
  • かぶらないときは、帽子を平らにするか、つばをたたんで保管してください。
  • 帽子のつばを強く引っ張ったり引っ張ったりすると、破れる場合があります。帽子は常に優しく扱ってください。
  • 濡れている場合は、直射日光を避けて乾かしてください。
  • 柔らかいブラシと中性洗剤を使用して、ほこりやその他の汚れを取り除くことができます。
  • 草の繊維を手でつぶしたり、曲げたりしないでください。
  • 手作りアイテムの寿命を延ばすために、長時間圧縮したままにしないでください。
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